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The Benefits E-Board Provides

  • Easy access to reports.
  • Centralize communication.
  • Shared calendar.
  • No software need to install.
  • Simple to use.
  • Communicate securely.
  • End-to-End solution.
  • Restrict access to reports.

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What people are saying about the E-Board

" We were going through a lot of paper to send out packets to board members... There's less wear and tear on the printer, and it is easier to produce color charts... Most of them [directors] would not go back to the old way. "
- David Swanson
President/CEO of North Country Savings Bank
" ... we put our disaster recovery systems to the test. We had a lightening strike knock out our entire network and related systems on Board meeting day. Thanks to E-Board, we were able to still hold our meeting and access the materials that had already been loaded to the system earlier. "
- Jody D. Graybill
President of The First National Bank of Mifflintown
" It's the best way to make information available to your directors 24/7. If it's ten o'clock at night and they can't remember a policy, they can go on the site and look it up. "
- Atlas Savings Bank

Board Portals:

Provides a secure and efficient manner for senior management and directors to communicate that trumps email and traditional postal delivery methods hands-down.

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